MacCafferty Singers Performances

MacCafferty Singers
MacCafferty Singers
MacCafferty Singers
MacCafferty Singers at Belfast Opera House
MacCafferty Singers
MacCafferty Singers
MacCafferty Singers on route to RTE New Year Show 1976
MacCafferty Singers before UTVs 21st Celebration (1980)
UTVs 21st Celebration Program (1980)
50th Anniversary of BBC NI - 1984

UTV 21st Birthday 1982

After many years of Sunday night shows and pantomimes, James MacCafferty took the decision to re-launch his choir with approximately 35 members.  This reduced number facilitated travel and presentation for the many more TV, radio and concert commitments.  From now on, the choir were to perform a greater variety of music, ranging from religious broadcasts to light entertainment to contemporary opera.

Some of the more important shows were:

  • UTV 21st Anniversary Show
  • James’s own 50th anniversary show
  • BBC 60th Anniversary show
  • RTE’s ‘The Late Late Show’, which was broadcast about Derry in 1985.
  • 'Sing Out’ on UTV in 1987.

Photographed with John Hume in Strasbourg, 1996

One of these occasions gave the choir their first taste of competitive singing against the best choirs in the British Isles.  This was the Sainsbury Choir of the Year Competition.  The choir made it all the way to the final where they sang against Renaissance Singers, The London Chamber Choir and The Market Harborough Singers.  The adjudicators were John Manduell, Heather Harper, Barry Rose, John Rutter and Peter Skellern.  For many in the choir, this was the highlight of their singing career.  As part of the prize for reaching the final, the next year, the choir were invited to participate in a concert performance of Faure’s Requiem with the other finalists at The Barbican in London with The London Philharmonic Orchestra under the conductor, Sir Charles Groves..

Photographed at Sainsbury Choir of the Year 1984


Subsequently, the choir were invited to perform at The Cork Choral Festival to provide the entertainment. 

Their various commitments kept the singers fully occupied thereafter, and included the release of a CD of their favourite pieces.

Following the death of James, the choir were still in demand under their new director, Roy Adams, and were invited to perform at the European Parliament by their MEP John Hume.  However, the loss of James – their accompanist, arranger and composer – proved to be impossible to overcome and ultimately led to the disbandment of the choir at the beginning of the new millennium.

Concert in St Columbs Hall 1993

The Cork Choral Festival 1985

The Autumn Revels Show at St Columbs Hall 1977